Empire Zoysia

EMPIRE Turf raises the bar for warm season turfgrasses. Dark green color, disease resistance, soft to the touch feel, drought tolerance, and a proven track record make EMPIRE an excellent choice for Home, Commercial, and Sport applications.

Reduced maintenance needs and durability are EMPIRE's hallmarks. EMPIRE Zoysia grass was originall developed in Brazil, and thrives in tropical climates such as Southern Florida as well as in more temperate regions as far north as Washington and Pennsylvania. EMPIRE Turf is one of the few grasses rated to perform well in all zones, and it can thrive in varying soils and climatic condtions.

EMPIRE Turf is America's first greatly improved zoysia grass, offering enviable appearance and better performance. With a beautiful green color, soft texture, and lower maintenance needs, EMPIRE Turf is a homeowner's dream grass.

EMPIRE Zoysia grass has been making headlines across the country for its water-saving advantages, becoming the grass of choice for property developers and water management agencies. Now you can choose it, too.

Developed specifically for the unique southeastern environment, EMPIRE Turf meets the Florida Green Building Coalition's "Green Building" standards. This allows Florida builders seeking "Green Home Certification" to specify EMPIRE and receive certifying points. EMPIRE is the only zoysia grass approved by the FGBC with a proven track record in the state. There are over 20,000 Florida homes already using EMPIRE with thousands more expected while water conservation remains a top priority in the Sunshine State.


Emprire Zoysia Turf

Empire Zoysia grass